Why I Believe We Should Castrate Men


So to begin with – let’s define castration. Wikipedia explains: 

Castration (also known as gonadectomy) is any action, surgical, chemical, or otherwise, by which an individual loses use of the testicles. Castration causes sterilization (preventing them from reproducing); it also greatly reduces the production of certain hormones, such as testosterone. 
I’ve been thinking a lot this week and I think this is the best solution for the future of America. I read a feminist article proposing “castration day” and would have to agree. 

You see – with the future being female and all – I’m not really sure where my four month old son will fit into all of this 20 years from now. The testicles produce a hormone called testosterone. Now women produce the same hormone, but just less. That’s not really very fair and the only real solution is castration. Anyone that has researched testosterone or been to a CrossFit would agree – it’s a hormone that no longer is needed in society. Survival of the fittest if you will. Testosterone causes men to be naturally stronger than women which is also not fair, may cause anger, and a sex drive. The worst part of all is it makes men confident and if my son is confident he may be viewed as entitled and I just don’t want to put him through that Facebook harassment. 


The best thing of all is that as women we can focus on our careers and no longer need to write magazine articles and discuss how to find a “real man” because there won’t be any. With science now, we don’t even need men to reproduce so why even waste the time. 

I don’t want to just talk philosophy though – I actually recently read that in the Bible God didn’t really mean women should submit to their husbands. It isn’t culturally relevant to this current day and age – along with worship, prayer, fasting, preaching the Gospel, baptism, and other practices that really are trying to control us as women. 

Just to clarify – this would only be an American law. In other countries, women actually don’t have any rights. They are sold into sex trafficking for a few dollars, are beaten for their beliefs, receive no pay for their work and have no voice. Instead of speaking up for them though, I made $10,000 less than my husband last year (even though he worked at the company longer) and so today I will march because that is not fair. I will wear my fifty shades of grey T shirt and encourage other women that they have a right to have an abortion – just like I did. That there are no consequences to our actions and we aren’t accountable to God. Let’s toss out repentance while we are at it. Today I march – I just need to wait for my husband to get home from CrossFit. 

**For anyone that doesn’t understand. This is a satire. I obviously don’t want my husband and son to be castrated. This post is in response to the Women’s March and “the future is female” slogan. I personally have been a victim of rape, and believe that women should be treated equally to men. I believe that pushing down your oppressor is not the way to rise. I believe that women and men should and do have different roles in society and we should equally be celebrated. I think we need to support each other and stop rallying against one another. I think that Jesus is the only solution for our a country that has become very interested in talking but takes no action in actually helping people. Jesus says “repent and be baptized” not “your entitled to your feelings.”

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**For those wondering why I deleted the Facebook post regarding this article despite the hundreds of likes and shares:

As I lie awake another night praying for our country and the people in it – God led me to delete my Facebook post regarding “castrating men” which was written in response to hearing hundreds of girls talk about how there are no “real men” left to date and seeing posts oppressing men for the sake of “equality.”As a rape victim and a woman that has had an abortion – the March brought up some very real emotions for me. The values of the March have some very anti-biblical messaging that I simply refuse to align myself with because of my own personal convictions. I am thankful for powerful women of God that have allowed me to process my healing through the love of Jesus. If you have not been offered that, and the March helped that process than I am glad. I am thankful that Christian women were at the March because a light on a hill can not be hidden. My hope is that they brought life, prayed for those who are hurting and led people to Christ. In a crowd that large, I can’t imagine how many people are in need of a savior. 

Jesus, minute by minute I thank you for repentance. That your ways are not our ways. I thank you that you never wanted perfect people and you died for us while we were still sinning. I ask that your church would be unified, that our cause would be to preach the Gospel and make disciples. There is one hope – and it’s you.

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