The Four Foundations


As we multiply as a church, each church will look different, depending on its elders/leaders. But the DNA will remain the same. Our churches will be siblings, but never factory produced franchises. We believe that limits growth in the long term (I guess we’ll see though haha).

Here are our 4 life foundations:

1. He’s alive

The resurrection of Jesus is the reason we believe. A living savior can involve himself in the fabric of your life, even the dead dark places, and bring them to LIFE. Jesus is the Living One, above all things and holder of the Keys of the Kingdom and death and hades. Undefeated, so therefore, we are undefeated.


2. The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

All power and heaven and earth is available to live your daily life, to see signs and wonders, and most importantly, to love those you wouldn’t ordinarily love. The Kingdom is here, among us, and “seizable” by God’s people, his church.

3. God has a plan and purpose for your life

We all have specific gifts and talents given to us by God, tomdo good works prepared for us in advance, to bring him glory. Which he in turn, shares with us. Your work and daily life is meant to make you come alive, not grind you down into a system of irrelevance. The Kingdom makes mopping a floor a job for a king, as long as that son of God knows what’s available to them, no job is too high or too low to have an ultimate eternal purpose.

4. God desires that all men are saved and know the truth

We are called to fish for men as Jesus asked his original disciples. Every Christian is an evangelist, because the Holy Spirit lives inside them and is the GREAT evangelist. There is no excuse now that we know he’s alive, that all power is available to us, and that God planted eternal purpose in us, to keep this reality of salvation and truth to ourselves.

We pursue God’s desire in reaching the lost wherever we may find them.

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