Romans 1: Reading the Bible with Jessi - Salt Churches


“Did you know this is in here??!!”…


This is what I say on a pretty regular basis to my husband Parker.

Honestly, I am so often shocked by what I find in the Bible and how many things I have never heard preached before. It is so crazy how God unfolds and unlocks every mystery to life in the Bible.

Instead of just verbally processing to Parker each week, I decided to create a new series on the Salt Podcast called “Reading the Bible with Jessi.”

Without going to Bible college I’ve learned that you can transform society by simply following Jesus - by reading the Word and being filled with Gods Spirit! We are starting it off with the book of Romans!

So each week we will go through the Bible - chapter by chapter and discover what God is trying to say to us in our everyday lives! This will change your life!

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