I didn't come this far - Message by Jessi Green - Fashioned Conference Chicago 2018


I Didn't Come This Far

Message by Jessi Green - Fashioned Conference Chicago 2018

July 2018 I had the privilege of speaking at Fashioned Conference hosted by People Church. Chicago has a deep history of revival and I was excited and expectant when the Carmona's invited me to join them. 

It was such a powerful weekend and God moved in ridiculous ways. For about two months, God was preparing me to preach this message "I didn't come this far..." and did so much work in my heart as I learned to live out this message.

If you live in Chicago - I strongly suggest joining this church. I hope this message encourages you and helps you live completely free in Jesus name. Please share this message with anyone that struggles with fear, shame, anxiety, depression and/or suicidal thoughts. I would love to read your comments of what God taught you during this message :)

If you listened to this message and decided to follow Jesus -

Contact me and I would love to pray for you!


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