How to activate evangelism in your church

“Today, over six billion souls are alive on this planet. They are not in a future age that will need to be evangelized, but present and living now on earth. It is the last hour.” - Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

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Simply put, we are not sharing the Gospel. You don’t need to read a Barna study to know that 90% + of people attending church are not sharing the Gospel with people in their circles.

This fact is heartbreaking to me. Jesus commissions all believers to “Go INTO all the world and preach the Gospel” but we have relegated this gift to people with the office of evangelist.

I talk to so many church leaders that are either lacking the office of evangelist on their team and/or don’t know how to release and empower someone called to that ministry. I will write an article on that another time - but for now I want to help you simply get people sharing the gospel.

Evangelism in a nutshell is sharing the INCREDIBLE NEWS that everyone has access to redemption and a brand new life through Jesus and that through His Holy Spirit we can live brand new free live. We need to SHOW people the Kingdom and then explain to them what they are experiencing.

Here's my list of books that I recommend to every church leader:

Power Evangelism - John Wimber

Spirit led Evangelism - Che Ahn 

Evangelism by Fire - Reinhard Bonnke 

Key things to remember with evangelism in the church:

1. You need a 5 fold evangelist to preach regularly to equip the saints and activate your people

ex: People in your church want to do it after they speak - and move from apathy to compassion for the lost.

Christine Caine, Joel Ramsey, Todd White, Myself, and more are doing this regularly - they know how to stir up the gift in people - everyone is called to reach the lost - yet the five- fold teach this practically and encourage others that they CAN DO THIS

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2. You need to empower those with the ministry of evangelism in your church body. Often they feel out of place in church or not a right fit on a Sunday team. Reaching the lost and preaching the Gospel, being on the streets or at the door, etc - find places for them to serve and encourage them in their gift. Often the church doesn't recognize or acknowledge this ministry and wonders why no one is getting reached outside the alter call.

3. Show people from a leadership level how to reach people outside of the four walls - if your leaders and pastors aren't doing it - your body won't. From the platform and in media - you need to regularly tell stories of leaders doing the great commission and how they did it. Was it hard for them? Easy? What happened? How were they challenged? This will be a great challenge for you as a leader to get on the streets and love your neighbors and share your personal testimony of what God did in your life off the stage. What a humbling experience!


4. Show people that their unsaved friends will become transformed in your church. What's the stories of transformation from people belonging to your church? Is their a place for the lost and messy people to work out their salvation? Are all people welcome or only a certain group. How do your actions communicate this? How are people becoming more like Jesus by joining your church? Do you have people readily available to disciple intentionally the new believers or will they get lost in the crowd or forced to join a team with a heroine needle sticking out of their arm. Be FOR the people and you’ll be surprised how much God is FOR your church.

If you have any other questions - please leave a comment or you can join the waitlist for the everyday evangelism course and use this with your staff.

I am happy to answer and questions and help you in this area! Praying that your church will be empowered to lead others to JESUS!

Love Jessi